Education Newsletter


April 2022

Welcome to  all members in Education. Our aim is to keep you up to date with issues within Education and how we are dealing with them. UNISON Fife attends strategic forums within Education services, which consist of – E&CS Forum, Single Status Consultation Group (SSCG), Health & Safety Forum, Relationship & Behaviour Strategy Group, E&CS Recovery Group (COVID) . These enable us to discuss with and respond to senior management on service reviews and conditions of service issues, examples include budget cuts, training opportunities and health and safety issues in the workplace, such as violence & aggression at work.  Sub groups from these main forums also take place as and when required. These meetings give UNISON Fife a voice to raise issues and concerns for our members. Your UNISON stewards and Branch Officers work very hard also to represent members with grievances, harassment, maximising attendance meetings, disciplinary hearings and any other general meetings you may have to attend with management. If you would like to become a steward or would like to know more about it, please do not hesitate to contact me. [email protected]


Margaret Pollock has been a Steward for 15 years.  Margaret is an EYO at Clentry Nursery.

Caroline Davie has been a Steward for 7 years and is an EYO at Denbeath Nursery.

Linda Fergusson is an EYO and has been a Steward for 7 years, she is at present, seconded full time to the Branch as a Service and Conditions Officer.