UNISON Conference 2024

Your Fife delegates attended UNISON’s National Local Government Conference 2024 in Brighton.


UNISON’s General Secretary ‘Christina McAnea’ addresses conference


Fife delegates attended the fringe meeting at lunchtime 16th June on the funding crisis in Local Government, the start was delayed due to the numbers attending over 200 siting plus a large number standing at the back of the hall.


Scottish Region moving Motion 41 – Workplace Violence.
The UNISON Scotland 2023 Workplace Violence report registered a total of 54,684 violent incidents taking place against public service staff in the year to 31 March 2023.
The report also indicates clear issues with incident reporting procedures, lack of awareness and proper policies, and lack of up- to-date training and development for staff in these vital area.
Lack of Risk Assessments or Risk Assessments being updated is a major concern, along with the lack of proper de-briefs taking place for staff following a violent incident.
This motion was overwhelmingly supported in the hall
Day 2 of the National Local Government Conference.
This morning is all about ending the underfunding and dismantling of Local Government Service’s
Mike Short moves the Local Government Service Group Executive Annual Report- Education and Children’s Services.
A wee walk through Brighton’s Lanes this evening, had us stumbling across ‘The Cuckoo’s Nest Morris’ – Brighton based Morris Dancers.
What a fantastic atmosphere with everyone having a jolly good time!
The Climate Emergency- It matters to us all !
Another day at Conference and the first time delegates attended another lunchtime fringe meeting, this one was on the Branch Support & Organising Fund (BSOF), which is a vital and essential resource for building a bigger and stronger UNISON, this fringe meeting outlined the BSOF expenditure to date, the assessment of the impact on the union and explored some of the case studies and key lessons for maximum impact of future BSOF bids and activity.
One case study on Building Scotland’s Community Service group was presented by Kate Sharkey, who spoke about how they used BSOF money to strengthen the Steward network in the Community Care Sector in Scotland.
Day 4 in Brighton, day 2 at the National Delegates Conference
National Women’s Committee moves motion 39 – Domestic Abuse : Access for All.
Conference is appalled that two women are killed each week from domestic abuse. Many women and children are stuck in abusive situations due to the fact that they cannot access a refuge space. The reduction in refuge provision throughout the UK is creating this access issue.
Our Young Members Officer attended a meeting this evening, where Lina Paola Malagon Diaz who is the president of the Trade Central Union of Workers in Columbia, spoke about the importance of the recruitment and training of their young trade union representatives
We move into Thursday’s afternoon session with Amendments to Rules and Schedules.
Last night in Brighton and off to the circus