UNISON Fife are sponsoring three guide dogs

CUTE ALERT: PUPDATE !  October 2022

It seems we can’t give you a pup date anymore as the pups are now in Guide Dog Training.
Derek (top) has arrived at Guide Dogs Training School! Puppy Raiser, Glynis, has done a wonderful job of getting him to this point in his journey and we hope you are as proud of his progress as we are! Derek is currently settling in at training school and getting to know his trainer, Laura. Derek is Laura’s only training dog at the moment, so she’s able to focus all her attention on ensuring that he’s happy and comfortable in the new environment. So far, he’s doing really well and is loving the free run area! We’re looking forwarding to updating you on his progress in October.
Nico (Bottom left), We are very excited to announce that Niko has flown the nest and has now arrived at Guide Dogs Training School! Niko has already learnt many valuable skills with his Puppy Raiser, Karen, and is now looking forward to learning the guiding-specific skills that he will need for his future role. Niko and his trainer, Nat, have been spending some time getting to know each other, and have already built a special bond. We are so proud of how far Niko has come since he was a tiny pup, and we know he’s got a bright future ahead of him!
Judy (Bottom right) We have very exciting news to share! Judy has arrived at Guide Dogs Training School, where she will learn all the essential skills needed to become a life-changing companion for someone with sight loss. So far, Judy is settling in well and has even been reunited with her sister, Jas, who is also in training at the same location! Judy’s trainer, Sam, is currently working on consolidating the skills that Judy has previously learnt with her Puppy Raisers, Sally and Mike. She will then begin to introduce Judy to guiding!
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