Unison Fife Guide Dogs Update

Unison Fife is sponsoring three guide dogs here’s the latest update from the trainers.


I’ve also been teaching Derek ‘hand touch. When I hold out my hand in a
closed fist and give the verbal cue touch’ he touches his nose to my hand.
This is a useful skill as 1can use this to teach him to locate items such as a
crossing box. By holding my fist to the crossing box and rewarding him
when he touches, he will learn to locate the desired item.
Looking ahead Over the next few months,  I will continue to work with Derek and progress
the skills that he has started to learn. I’ll also be focusing on helping him
feel comfortable during short periods on his own. Derek is a delight to
work with.Looking ahead

Sometimes Judy can get a bit distracted when she’s out on a training walk;
she struggles to keep focused for the entirety of the session. When her
mind is on other things, she will often pull to one side, usually hugging a wall
or fence that runs alongside the pavement. When this happens, we take a
break and let her have a sniff around until she’s ready to continue. We’ll
continue to work on her focus over the next few months.
We are very proud of Judy’s progress so far. She’s such a lovely dog and
her affectionate personality never fails to bring smiles to all the staff.


Niko can be uncomfortable with having his head touched. It’s important
that our dogs are comfortable with this so that we a r e able to perform
physical health checks. I’ve been using the ‘bucket game’ to help Niko
become more comtortable with me checking his ears and eyes. The bucket
game allows Niko to communicate with me; when he looks away from the
bucket, this is my cue to stop and give him a break. Over the next few months,                                                                                                     I will continue building on the skills that Niko has started learning.